Bio Boost

Do your crops need a bit of a boost for healthy growth and optimal yields? Explore our range of bio boost products to give your plants a healthy start to life. We’ve got something for every small or large gardener and crop producer, such as worm castings for heavy-feeding annually flowering plants, Bio-Char to add to your potting mix, and liquid calcium with some of NZ’s finest limes and fossilised seashells. 

Don’t leave plants health to chance. Explore our product range today, and contact us to find out more!

What plant health products can you buy at Seacliff Organics?

We stock a range of organic products to help your plants thrive from day one, including living soil, worm castings, tri-kelp powder, malted barley, and more. If you’re unsure what you need, contact our friendly team for advice!

How do I know which health products my plants need?

The organic products your plants need can depend on your plants and their needs. Our expert team can recommend the best products if you’ve encountered a specific problem or have particular goals.