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Seacliff Organics Living Soil Is The Best Complete Living Soil Mix On The Market Today.

A trusted commercial precision balanced, world class soil with proven results. 

This will deliver as you would expect from "water only soil" "super soil"

A detailed grow schedule can also be found in our blog.

Although it is not required. Minimal input or no input is required 

Water only/ideal soil, pairs great with our bloom mix/ super bloom or runs well without. 

If you are a more advanced commercial grower and want the absolute best, we full heartedly recommend using paste testing and other metrics.  This data will allow you to tune to specific cultivars, optimising costs, yields and quality.  Please shoot us an email if you require assistance or prescriptions. For bulk orders please email We will beat the price of any equivalent product for commercial growers. 

This Soil is intended for fragrant and flavoursome crops, and is full of all of the essential nutrients to promote active macrofauna and microfauna.


Our flagship living soil is full of NZ sourced natural ingredients that, with the help of a thriving soil food web, will break down over time giving a steady slow release of the essential nutrients to the plant. It is designed to be recycled.  This soil is ideal for water only cultivation, no till, soil recycling / high end organic cultivation. For those wanting the best of the best.


We have used the highest possible quality ingredients and expertly blended them for the best flavour and yeild in your plants!

For best results, do not allow any dry back when watering.

Use 100 litre pots  as a minimum for "no till" or "water only", soil can be recycled over and over with additional amendments and compost.  We recommend using the biggest pot size you can fit in your space. Multi plant beds work really well and allow the fungi networks to communicate between plants, improving health and yields. 


Blumat irrigation system target = 80-100mbar of moisture. 


Amino acids are the recommended source of additional nitrogen(if required)


Ask about heavy metals tests and bulk shipping


After a grow, you can re-amend your living soil back to brand new using our Seacliff Organics Replenish Mix. Only 300-600g is needed per 50L, so one bag of our Replenish Mix will recharge your 50L pots up to 8 times! 



Sphagnum peat moss


worm castings

Charged bio-char



Ultra fine ag lime

Oyster shell meal (with chitin)


Phosphorus and Potassium

Colloidal soft rock phosphate

Fish bone meal 

Potassium sulphate

Wheat germ


Nitrogen and pest control:

Fish meal

Amino acids

Flaxseed meal

Neem meal

Karanja meal

Bio Stimulants and Microbiology:

Bio ag Ful-Humix(high end fulvic + humic acid) 

Yucca extract

Seacliff BEAM extract (High quality complete living microbiology)

Malted barely (enzymes)


Ultra paramagnetic Andesite

Micro nutrients :

Zelp (macrocystis pyrifera)

Acadian kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) 

Basalt rock dust

Balanced/measured Single source trace mineral components


Every small batch of soil is tested for consistency, we have fine tuned this soil over many years to strict targets which prevent lockout and excessive antagonists, delivering predictable results for your favourite crop season after season. 


This test shows the profile of soluble nutrients in solution, for totals/ cation balance and heavy metal tests please request via customer service