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Seacliff Organics Living Soil Is The Best Complete Living Soil Mix On The Market Today

*medical cannabis growers please note, the optimal targets for veg and flower are not the same. If you are choosing a “water only” style of growing, please inform us when you order and we will customise the soil with more potassium, we can also add more nitrogen if you are planning to run a longer veg cycle. It is our recommendation to run the soil as it is, adding amino acids for additional nitrogen if required, as well as K-Humate or our specialist Bloom mix in flower. This will ensure top shelf results and maximum yields. 

If you are a more advanced grower and want the absolute best, we full heartedly recommend running bi weekly saturated paste tests to ensure your plant is getting luxury levels of everything it needs throughout the grow cycle. This data will allow you to tune to specific cultivars, optimising costs, yields and quality.  Please shoot us an email if you require assistance or prescriptions. For bulk orders please email We will beat the price of any equivalent product. 

This Soil is intended for fragrant and flavoursome crops, and is full of all of the essential nutrients to promote active macrofauna and microfauna.

Our soil is full of NZ sourced natural ingredients that, with the help of a thriving soil food web, will break down over time giving a steady slow release of the essential nutrients to the plant. It is designed to be recycled. 

Highest possible quality ingredients expertly blended for the best flavour in your plants!

For best results, do not allow any dry back when watering.

Use 50 liter pots minimum, soil can be recycled over and over with additional amendments and compost. 

Blumat irrigation system target = 80-100mbar of moisture. 

Amino acids are the recommended source of additional nitrogen(if required)

Ask about heavy metals tests and bulk shipping

Ingredients, Sphagnum peat moss, Worm casting, Pumice, Oat husk, Biochar, Ag lime, Oyster shell meal, Gypsum, Colloidal soft rock phosphate, Fish bone meal, Potassium sulfate, Zelp, Acadian kelp, Andesite, Basalt rock dust, Malted barely, Bio ag ful-humix, Fish meal, Amino acids, Flaxseed meal, Neem meal, Karanja meal, Trace minerals


See Below for Saturated Paste Test...

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New Zealand New Zealand

Best soil I have ever experienced

I am very happy with this product. All I had to do was keep the biology going and top dress with compost, I also added some of the "bloom mix" Plants finished really well.