Pest Control

Let Your Soil Live

It's time for us all to leave toxic pest control methods in the past where they belong and let our soils live!
Pick a pest and you can usually find a natural and sustainable control, or controls for it. A combination of physical, environmental, and biological control is the most beneficial pest control method in the long run to keep your insects happy, microbes munching, soils healthy and thriving, and your plants producing at their bright, organic best.
Seacliff Organics provides you with the safe, soil-healthy pest control methods, so you can provide the best for your plants to retain optimum soil health.

What pest control products should you buy for your plants?

It’s only natural to be confused and overwhelmed by pest control when there are so many options on the market. We stock non-toxic, natural, and sustainable pest control products for your peace of mind, including organic neem oil, neem seed meal, aphidus for aphids, and more.

How do I know which pest control product to buy?

The first step is to identify the pest problem you’re having. We stock products for aphids, black wine weevils, whitefly, and spider mites, just to name a few. Contact our expert team for assistance if you’re unsure what you need.