Seacliff Organics Balanced Tomato Fertiliser

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For High Yielding And Nutrient Dense Tomotoes

Seacliff Organics Balanced Tomato Fertiliser is a dry nutrient mix formulated to help you fill your garden or greenhouse with the beefiest Beefsteaks, the plumpest Plum toms, the tastiest Tiny Tim's, and of course the choicest cherry toms on top!

Packed with trace minerals and humic substances to aid plant uptake, our Seacliff Organics Balanced Tomato Fertiliser provides your plants with all necessary nutrients, with higher levels of potassium for juicy fruit development, and the calcium in the mix aids the prevention of disease like blossom end rot and also helps to correct acidic soil conditions.

N-P-K = 4-5-7

Recommended Usage:

Incorporate into soil, and/or top dress throughout the growing season.

Application Rates:

New Vegetable Plantings: Prior to planting seeds or vegetables, use 1kg (6 cups) for every 5sqm of garden area. Mix thoroughly into the top 16-20cm of soil.

Established Vegetable Gardens: Feed established plants every 4-6 weeks as needed through the growing season. Use 3 cups for every 5sqm. For individual plants use 1Tbs. Lightly mix into the soil surface and water thoroughly.

Large Plants (Tomatoes, Corn, etc.): Feed every 30 days as needed through the growing season until fruit begins to set. Use 2-4Tbs per plant depending on size, applied to an area 30-40cm wide around the main stem. Mix lightly with soil and waterthoroughly.

Container Grown Vegetables: Apply 1Tbs for every 16cm of pot diameter every 30 days or as needed through the growing season. Spread evenly over the soil surface, mix lightly into it, and water.