Soil Analysis and testing

Our soil can’t tell us what it needs to produce healthy plants, but that doesn’t mean we can’t access that information. Take advantage of our unique soil analysis and testing service. 

Whether you need a basic soil test to measure pH, organic matter, and nutrient content or something more complex, such as a full prescription service, we have you covered. We work with some of the most advanced labs in the world so that you can confidently build your soil’s long-term health.

What’s the point of soil analysis and testing?

What our soil needs to produce healthy plants is not always outwardly apparent. Soil testing provides insight into the organic matter, nutrient content, pH levels, and more.

How much does soil analysis and testing in NZ cost?

Here at Seacliff Organics, we offer two comprehensive testing services: soil & modified medium testing from $189 and soil food web testing from $139.