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Seacliff Organics Replenish Mix

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Replenish Mix

Recharge, Re-Amend, DIY Living Soil Pack

NPK = 1 - 2.4 - 1.5

This pack can be used to build your own Seacliff Organics styled living soil at home. Each pack is weighted to make exactly 50 litres of soil. You can also use it as an amendment pack to recycle your soil again and again with just the addition of a little compost. You can re-amend a 50L pot of our living soil 5 times with this pack!

The product contains everything in the same ratios as our signature living soil, with the exemption of TM7 for the trace minerals as opposed to single source and the removal of andesite, which is not needed while re-amending your soil, you can buy this separately when building soils, although it is not essential!

Amendments: Ag lime, Oyster shell meal, Gypsum, Colloidal soft rock phosphate, Fish bone meal, Potassium sulfate, Zelp, Acadian kelp, Basalt rock dust, Malted barely, Bio ag TM7, Fish meal, Amino acids, Flaxseed meal, Neem meal, Karanja meal, Yucca extract.

You can also use this as a general fertiliser, you will see great results!

Large sizes Please email

Instructions for Use:

To Build Soil 1 pack = 50 litres of soil base mix, for bulk replenish purchase please email See our blog for details on the soil building process

A professional base mix that allows for luxury calcium and a correct pH balance would look similar to this. 

  • 50% peat moss
  • 15%  worm castings
  • 35% pumice (or 30% pumice with 5 percent biochar)
  • If pH is too high, add more peat. 
  • Cook for 4 weeks, turn on the second day, and once a week after that. 

To Re-amend Seacliff Organics Living Soil:

Use 30-60 grams of our re-amendment product to every 5 litres of soil  ¾ a cup worm castings or compost and, ¾ of a cup of pumice or oat husks per 5 litres
Mix these ingredients with your soil as best you can, either through the entire mix, or till through the first 50 percent.

Top Dressing:

  • Scuff a handful of nutrients into the first few centimetres of soil