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Bioag - TM-7

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Ful-Humics And More!

TM-7 is all the power of Bio-Ag Ful-Humix ( A combination of fulvic and humates) with added micronutrients.

Dr Robert Faust is a world leading agronomist and bioag specialist who has spent nearly 40 years studying humates and their application. Dr Faust's Bioag company is renowned for their research and applied knowledge within the bioag sphere.

Bioag Ful-Humix is the culmination of this research and is the best source of fulvic acid and humates on the market. With an estimated age of 45 million years and derived from fresh water deposits of cretaceous large leaf plants, the humic substances within the Bioag Ful-Humix are high in all the important bio-stimulating fractions.

These humic and fulvic acids act as a chelating agent, preventing the tie-up of the trace elements.

TM-7 contains Sulfur, Boron, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Copper, Iron, Manganese and Zinc, chelated with humic and fulvic acids derived from freshwater cretaceous humate deposits. 

  • Sulfur 2%
  • Copper 0.31%
  • Boron 0.37%
  • Iron 1.2%
  • Cobalt 0.05%
  • Manganese 1.2%
  • Molybdenum 0.1%
  • Zinc 0.7%
  • Non-plant food ingredients: Humic 40% & Fulvic 10.5%

Derived from: Boron, cobalt sulfate, copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, sodium molybdenate, zinc sulfate and chelated with humic and fulvic acids derived from fresh water cretaceous humate deposits.



  • Seed activation: For vegetable seeds soak 72 hours at 0.5g /gal (3.8L). For others, soak for 24 hours at same ratio.
  • Compost Tea: 1/4-1/3tsp per gal (3.8L)
  • Soil Mix: 3 cups per cubic meter
  • Beds/Lawns ( Broadcast ) 1-3 ounces (30-85g) per 1000 square feet (90 square meters) applied every 2-6 weeks during growing season
  • Hydroponic: 0.5-0.75g/gal (3.8L) of nutrient solution used in reservoir (use with every change. Top-offs can be charged with 1/4-1/2 normal rate).
  • Foliar Rates: .75g/gal (3.8L) every 7-10 days.