Seacliff Organics Balanced Bulb Food

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For Beautiful Blooming Bulbs 


Seacliff Organics Balanced Bulb Food is a simple yet highly effective high phosphorus blend fertiliser formulated to get your bulbs popping at their blooming best. Our Seacliff Organics Balanced bulb food contains high quality fish bone meal, potash, fulvic/humic acid and 7 micronutrients - all the essentials your bulbs need to really thrive and bring the beautiful colours of spring to your garden.

Recommended Usage/Application Rates:

Incorporate into soil, and/ or top dress throughout the growing season.

Garden beds:
When planting apply ½ a cup per square metre of garden combined with compost. Mix thoroughly into the soil.

For established plants:
Apply ½ a cup per square metre mixed with compost and water in well after application.

Pots and containers:
Apply ½ cup per 30 cm pot diameter. Spread evenly over the soil avoiding the plant stem.
Water in well after application.