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K-Humate (Potassium Humate)

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Humic And Fulvic With Potassium

K-Humate is 100% soluble humic acid, suitable for all soil types and irrigation systems. K-Humate is best used in conjunction with organic or mineral fertilizers. K-Humate is suitable for application as a solution or scattered and raked into topsoil.
Improves cation exchange capacity, improves water holding capacity, promotes microbial activity, promotes plant uptake of essential nutrients, improves penetration and retention of calcium in the soil.

K-Humate is >15% Potassium by weight. Total Potassium Humate and Fulvate 85-95%.

Recommended Usage

  • Dissolve in solution and apply 2-10kg/hectare or 2-10g/10m2

  • When dissolving in water for mixing with other fertilizers, test for compatibility with a small batch quantity in a jar. (pH of the solution should not drop below 6.0)