Seacliff Organics

Premium Balanced Living Soil

Nestled between the estuary of Blueskin Bay and the mouth of the Waikouaiti River at Karitane, Seacliff Organics is home to New Zealand's first locally-sourced true Living Soil.

Seacliff Organics offers soil solutions and soil amendments for home gardeners, horticulturalists and farmers. Our Living Soil is made here in Otago, from the finest local ingredients to provide you with a soil that tends to itself.

Modern methods of horticulture rely on persistent fertilization which can adversely affect the microorganisms living within the soil. We are unique in our approach to Living Soil, creating a dynamic and biologically active organic soil using locally sourced materials to deliver the optimum nutrition to your plants.

Many growers today rely on sterile store bought compost mixes and branded liquid nutrients with open ended claims. Seacliff Organics takes it back to the fundamentals, rich humus and balanced minerals thriving with microbiological activity with a focus on waste reduction and sustainable local sourcing.

Premium Input
Premium Results

We provide everything you need to build your own premium soil, custom design your own nutrients or organic soil mixes

We study each and every ingredient we source to deliver the highest quality ingredients to your door, including many local products that are not readily available in the consumer market.

New to organics? We have ready made living soil mixes ready to go available in everything from 25L sacks to cubes!

We provide and end to end solution to optimise your soil health for ongoing performance with minimum input, reducing your cost and improving your yields.

High Biomass
Low Maintenance
Seacliff Organics

Living Soil

Our Team

We are a team of close friends with an interest in organics, who were looking for essential soil ingredients that initially seemed out of reach.

We decided that we need to share what we have been doing with the rest of the country in order to provide New Zealanders with first rate living soil and soil amendments to help bring New Zealand toward a future where healthy soil is the foundation for our gardens and crops.

We rely on science, and back this up through our relationships with laboratories and microbiologists.

Ongoing Performance
With Minimum Input

Based on Logan Labs and Soil Food Web testing we have created a world class balanced living soil. Our soil is high in nutrients but balanced appropriately and perfect for flowering plants and full term growth. Living soil helps your plants express their full phenotypical potential by providing everything your plant needs in balanced ratios and a rich ecology of microorganisms to ensure everything is available for uptake when your plant requires.

We focus on organic inputs and source locally where possible to create small-batch, biologically inoculated compost based living soil blends and the best range of organic soil amendments in NZ. No guesswork, no nasty synthetic fertilizers... Just healthy, nutrient dense crops made easy!

Soil That Tends
To Itself
Seacliff Organics