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New Zealands First Premium Organic Living Soil 

O N L I N E S T O R E C O M I N G S O O N 

Nestled between the estuary of Blueskin Bay and the mouth of the Waikouaiti River at Karitane, Seacliff Organics is home to New Zealand's first locally sourced Living Soil.  

Seacliff Organics offers soil solutions and soil amendments for home gardeners, horticulturalists and farmers. Our Living Soil is made here in Otago, from the finest local ingredients to provide you with a soil that tends to itself. Contemporary methods of horticulture rely on unsustainable fertilization which can adversely affect the microorganisms living within the soil.  

Living soil is full of healthy organisms which influence every aspect of decomposition and nutrient availability, without the need for persistent use of costly and potentially damaging fertilizers and nutrient mixes. Inspired by nature and sustainability, Seacliff Organics provides a natural way to grow in New Zealand without need for unsustainable guanos, superphosphates and other chemical fertilizers which may end up damaging your soil. 

Seacliff Organics are unique in their approach to Living Soil, creating a dynamic and biologically active organic soil using locally sourced materials to deliver the optimum nutrition to your plants with no need for supplements or additives.  

Living Soil is a revolution in how we grow. Some contemporary methods of growing rely on heavy feeding of expensive and potentially dangerous fertilizers and nutrient mixes which can kill some of the important microorganisms like the beneficial fungi, nematodes, bacteria and some insects. Living soil is the perfect habitat for these microorganisms, and when maintained correctly these ecosystems thrive and help to maintain the soil, balancing nutrient levels in accordance with the uptake of the plant.  

Why buy a heavy bottle of expensive nutrient mix when it is mainly water? Seacliff Organics provides our customers with dry ammendments in eco-friendly packaging, less shipping cost and less waste! 

Everything is ready to go, and our retail site will be live very shortly. Please email us at if you have any queries  


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