Trace Minerals

Trace minerals are important from root to shoot to help your plant thrive at all parts of the growing process. Set your plants up for success by giving them the trace minerals they need from Seacliff Organics today. 

We stock many trace mineral options to suit a wide range of grower needs, including Seacliff Organics Superior potting mix, liquid potassium silicate, Borax, Biomin copper, and more. Contact our expert team for advice if you’re unsure what you need to help your plants thrive.

What are trace minerals?

Trace minerals are essential nutrients for plants to thrive. You might not enjoy the expected yields without them since they can impact plant proteins, hormones, and processes.

What trace minerals do my plants need?

All plants’ needs are different, which means some gardeners will buy more of some trace minerals than others. We stock many options to suit your unique growing needs, such as potassium silicate, Acadian kelp meal, NZ giant kelp, Biomin copper, and Borax.