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Amino Acid Chelated Multi Mineral

Biomin Booster V is an amino acid chelated multi mineral, ideal for all crop types. Booster V contains all essential trace minerals required for productive crops, with additional magnesium for chlorophyll production. Booster V also replenishes the used trace elements, alleviates plant deficiencies and increases disease resistance. 

Biomin Booster V is designed for soil and foliar application. 

Booster V can be used on all horticultural crops at any stage of growth, and is best applied pre-flower or post-harvest to ensure bud movement and burst. Compatible with nitrogen fertilizers. Completely bioavailable and non-phytotoxic to plants when applied in accordance to directions.


  • Magnesium 4.1 
  • Zinc 4.1
  • Iron 2.6
  • Manganese 2.6
  • Copper 1.5
  • Boron 1.5
  • Molybdenum 0.5
  • Nitrogen 6.7 As Amino Acid

Recommended Usage

Biomin Booster V may be applied before or at planting through irrigation water.
The application rate is 150-300mg per square meter depending on crop and soil conditions and application methods.

Apply 1-1.5g of Biomin Booster V per 10 square meter when crops are 15- 30cms high or when deficiency symptoms appear. Repeat application 2 - 4 weeks later
or as needed.


Apply 1-1.5g of BIOMIN BOOSTER V per 10 square meters at about 2 - 4 weeks after emergence or if deficiency symptoms appear. Repeat the application every 2 - 3 weeks or as needed.


Apply 100- 150 grams of BIOMIN BOOSTER V per 100 liters of water 2-3 weeks after emergence or transplanting, or when trace element deficiencies first appear. Repeat the application every month.

For foliar application, it should be diluted with at least 100 times of water.

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