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Potassium Silicate

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Potassium Silicate

Water Soluble Silica and Potassium

NPK = 0 - 0 - 32 

Potassium Silicate is one of the few silicas that is water-soluble making it a great choice for people wanting to add silica to an irrigation supply or foliar spray. Potassium silicate is also a great choice for people looking for an oil emulsifier for pest management sprays. 

Most liquid silica solutions on the market are just Potassium silicate in water, there is no secret ingredient unless you include the water they mix with.  This is not the same as "silica powder", it is far more bioavailable.

Approved for organic use as a foliar spray. 

Recommended Usage:

You can make and store a concentrated nutrient solution by diluting 148g in 1L of water  7.8% liquid solution for easy application.
Foliar Spray
  • 1/2 teaspoon of concentrate solution per 10L for a foliar spray. 

Soil Drench

  • You can also use Potassium Silicate as an emulsifier for Neem Oil, add 3 grams of Potassium Silicate to 30ml of Neem Oil and mix into 10L of water to make a final spray solution. Spray once a week over all plant surfaces until it runs off. 

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