Trace minerals

When you want your plants to not only survive, but thrive, then you’re in the right place. Seacliff Organics is proud to stock a wide range of trace minerals plants need for strength, growth, and health. 

Our Acadian Kelp Meal is a great source of trace minerals and alginic acid,  while you can rely on our fulvic and humates with added micronutrients to function as a chelating agent and provide balanced micronutrients . We also stock OrganiBOR for slow release boron, potassium silicate , and much more. Contact us today to learn which trace minerals are right for your plant needs.

What do trace minerals do?

Trace minerals in soil help produce healthy crops and make them better resistant to diseases. They also make sure your plants can absorb all the nutrients they need.

What trace minerals should you buy?

Everyone’s needs and soil health is different, so we stock a wide range of options to suit all growers and gardens, such as basalt rock dust, living soil, kelp meal, potassium silicate, and cobalt sulphate. These all serve different purposes, such as neutralising odours, normalising soil pH, creating pest management sprays, and organic gardening.