Nitrogen Dense

Plants need nitrogen to survive and thrive, but knowing how to help them get it is not always easy. Let Seacliff Organics help. We offer a number of nitrogen-rich products to give your plants the helping hand they need.

Try neem seed meal for slow-release nutrients and pest control, or why not explore amino acid powder as a cost-effective alternative to fish hydrolysate? We’ve got a nitrogen product to suit every situation.

Why do plants need nitrogen?

Plants need nitrogen to be able to produce amino acids, nucleic acids, and proteins. Plants can wither up and die without adequate nitrogen.

How can plants get nitrogen?

Plants can get nitrogen from a range of natural products, which you can find right here at Seacliff Organics! We stock a number of nitrogen-rich organic products, such as living soil, Karanja seed meal, fish meal, and amino acid powder.