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Karanja Seed Meal (Ecocert organic)

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Rich In Nutrients With Pest Resistant Properties

Karanja Seed Meal is ideal for garden soils and potting mixes. Karanja Seed Meal is a great alternative to Neem, and is super effective when used in conjunction with Neem as a pesticide.  

Rich in NPK,  Karanja Seed Meal makes for an amazing  slow release fertilizer. 

Karanja Seed Meal is great for promoting healthy organisms like earthworms, and contains phytochemicals which inhibit the growth of pathogenic soil microbes similar to Neem Oil but with a milder odour. 

Recommended Usage

  • Use mixed into the soil 15cm 400gm per 10 square meters for established gardens. 
  • Use 3-4L per cubic meter of soil (1000L soil) when soil building