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Neem Seed Meal (Ecocert Organic)

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Organic Neem Seed Meal

Natural Pest Management

NPK = 5 - 2 - 2

Neem Seed Meal is very effective for managing insects and pests as an antifeedant, repellent, insecticide, nematicide and growth disruptor making it ideal for fruiting and flowering plants with pest problems.

Neem Seed Meal is not only fantastic for pest management, but it is also rich in slow release nutrients and other trace minerals.

Recommended Usage:

We recommend mixing this into the soil and letting the soil rest for 1 week for best results. Use about 160g per 50L (3.3kg/m3) of soil for soil building. 

Modified media/ potting soil

  • 3.3kg or 2.5ltr per 1m3
  • 150gr or 240ml per 50ltr
  • 50g or 80ml per 1m2