Feed Chart for our Living soil

Feed Chart for our Living soil

This feed chart will ensure your heavy flowering plants produce high quality flowers.

It is on a per plant or per 50 litre basis. 

Aminos can also be foliar sprayed during vegetative grow, a 50/50 Amino/Tri kelp is a very good option. 

Veg 2 weeks, pre flower 1 week, stretch 2-3 weeks, bloom 3 weeks.

Apply amendments every 1-2 weeks. 

Click this link to download the feeding chart. 

Simple version

The simplest version is to use minimum 50 litre pots, keep evenly watered and add the opulent bloom mix a week before flower with some worm castings or compost.  With a little attention to keeping the soil biology going, via a compost source as a top dress or as an extract every 2 weeks or so. 


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