Clakamas Coot Soil Mix Recipe

Clakamas Coot Soil Mix Recipe

When I was first inspired to make soil by Matt Barnes of Easy as Organics, the first thing he introduced me to was the KIS organics Podcasts with Tad Hussey  where I found my first true living soil recipe, the Clakamas Coot mix designed by “Clakamas Coot” (Jim Bennett) I wanted to share this recipe with you... it is a tried and true mix. 

I have adapted this recipe to contain ingredients available on the New Zealand market with the conversion from cubic ft to litres.

I am very grateful to have been able to learn from these industry pioneers and many others who have been generous in their knowledge and love for organic cultivation.

The Clakamas Coot mix recipe is as follows:

For 28.3 litres of soil

Base by volume:

Ensure to fluff up your Sphagnum peat moss first, 5-10mm pumice works well, a mix of our worm castings and chaos springs compost works well.

Amendments per 28.3 litres of base:

Additional: 1 cup of fresh ground Malted Barley + ¼ cup a week starting week 3

Ensure you use high quality biologically active compost, it is the heart of this recipe 

If you are unfamiliar with Clakamas Coot, or Tad Hussey, check out the link below for an awesome interview



Why is sphagnum peat moss a good addition to soil?

Sphagnum peat moss is beneficial for soil because it improves soil structure, increases water retention, enhances nutrient availability, and promotes healthy plant growth.

What is the benefit of mixing your own soil?

Mixing your own soil allows you to customize the nutrient content, texture, and pH levels to meet the specific needs of your plants, resulting in better growth and overall health.


  • 4-6 weeks

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  • How long do you suggest “cooking” the soil for before use

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