How to use our nutrient pack to make your own soil

How to use our nutrient pack to make your own soil

Sometimes it might be better for shipping costs, to use a local base, but balance it with our well formulated precision organic amendment pack.

This recipe will work best when combined with Seacliff worm castings, worm castings can vary greatly in composition and it is therefore recommended(but not essential) when using your own base ingredients to get a soil test of your local base ingredients and order a prescription to build on top of that.  Bio Ag tm7 is being used in place or an exact measurement for trace minerals in this mix, it should work pretty well for a variety of base mixes. 


  • 50% South island Peat moss

  • 15-20% High biology worm castings or compost

  • 5%  biochar

  • 25 % pumice or other aeration


  • 2.6kg of Replenish per 50 litres of base

  • 0.8 litres andesite per 50 litres of base


Mix ingredients thoroughly and wet slowly, allowing for the Peat most to absorb the water, peat most is hydrophobic and takes a while to soak it all up. You can use Yucca extract to aid this process.

Desired wetness is when you squeeze the soil in your hand and you can just get 1 drop out.

You can now “cook” your soil for 4-6 weeks, or until it is no longer warm when you stick your hand in.  

To cook your soil, just leave it in a pile, you can turn the pile  once the day after then every week, this will ensure your biology takes hold and your soil is not too hot to plant in.  You can plant in it sooner ( 7days)  if you like, but 4 -6 weeks is optimum.

Your soil is ready to use.

See grow schedule for ideas on how to make your soil perform the best possible.



What are the benefits of using Seacliff worm castings in your soil mix?

The benefits of using Seacliff worm castings in your soil mix include high biological activity, nutrient-rich composition, and consistency in quality.

What is the ‘cooking’ process for the soil, and why is it important?

The ‘cooking’ process for the soil involves letting the soil sit in a pile for 4-6 weeks to allow the biology to take hold and the soil to cool down, which is important to ensure that the soil is not too hot for planting and to maximise its performance.


  • It’s exactly as it says. To every 50L base ad 800ml of andesite.

    Some ingredients are easier to handle in volumes.

    Seacliff on
  • Hi just working out what to buy from you guys to make my own soil how many grams of andesite will I need per 50ltrs of soil , bit confused as it’s says 0.8litres per 50ltrs does that work out as 800grams?

    Matthew Schmitt on

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