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Gypsum (Biogro certified calcium sulphate)

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Calcium Sulphate

Source from balance Biogro number 297

Gypsum is a naturally occurring mineral perfect for slow-release calcium and sulphur playing a key role in soil structure, aeration and water retention. Gypsum breaks down slowly releasing equal proportions of calcium and sulphur. 

Calcium is key to improving soil structure and consistency, enabling optimum moisture penetration and retention as well nutrient transportation. Gypsum breaks up clay by expanding the calcium to magnesium ratio flocating your soil.

Recommended Usage:

(0.5kg Gypsum = 1 2/3cup, 1kg Gypsum = 3 2/3cup) 

  • For vegetables, use 0.5-1kg or 550ml-1.1ltr per 1m2 of soil
  • For flowers, 0.5kg or 550ml per 1m2 of soil
  • Modified media/ potting soil use ¾ cup per 50ltr
  • Soil test for optimum levels and ideal calcium to magnesium ratios

Sulfur (S)



Calcium (Ca)