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Yucca Extract 20% Sarsaponin (Ecocert Organic)

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Surfacticant / Spreader

Yucca is a desert plant that has adapted to arid conditions with droughts, high temperatures and harsh UV exposure.
Yucca is a surfactant, which breaks the surface tension of water molecules and allows foliar sprays and pesticides better coverage on leaves, allowing for increased absorption rates. Yucca also acts as a spreader, allowing foliar sprays to remain in contact with the leaf surface longer making it the perfect addition to foliar sprays and insecticides.
This makes it an ideal addition to dripper setups, as the lines are less likely to clog over time.
Yucca Extract is also full of bio-chemicals found in Yucca that can help deal with stress, giving your plants fortification against adverse conditions, especially high temperature. Yucca is also rich in Saponins, a natural steroidal-based chemical that breaks the polarity of the water molecule making the water penetrate the soil surface more effectively aiding the plant's ability to uptake moisture. This can also help prevent salt build up in your soil, as the water spreads more evenly taking excess salts away from your roots preventing many soil problems from occurring. Yucca Extract can be made into a tea, perfect for flushing plants.

Recommended Usage

  • Use 1/16tsp (a pinch) to a 20ltr bucket as a peatmoss wetting agent
  • Use 12g = 1.5Tbsp per 10L for foliar sprays
  • Use 0.4g = 1/8 tsp per 40L in hydroponics