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Create Your Own Organic Fertiliser/Soil Conditioner

Make your own black garden gold that is alive and well with beneficial microbes with the Urban Worm Farm Bag. Airflow is key to producing high quality vermicompost, and the Urban Worm Bag's aerobic design and materials make it one of the most breathable vermicomposters available.

Your worms live inside the bag and the composting system works as a continuous flow design. The cycle is to add carbon-rich bedding and nitrogen-rich food/waste on top for the worms to work through, and you can collect your own nutrient-dense worm castings, from the bottom. And don't worry, worms tend to migrate upwards, especially when there is ample food being added so you should have little to no worms in your final vermicast.

The removable bottom also acts as a catch/ pouch when it's time to harvest. Just release the buckles, remove the velcro, loosen the drawstring, and your vermicast is ready to harvest and feed your soil!


70cm L x 70cm W x 79cm H

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