Seacliff Lawn Care Bundle

Seacliff Lawn Care Bundle

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Introducing Seacliff Organics' Lawn Care Bundle, the perfect solution for homeowners and gardeners who want to achieve lush and healthy lawns the natural way. Our bundle includes a range of high-quality organic products carefully formulated to promote healthy growth, strong roots, and vibrant greenery.

Seacliff Organics' Lawn Care Bundle includes Bio Ag TM7, which is specially formulated to stimulate soil biology, improve water retention, and increase soil aeration. This, in turn, helps to promote healthy growth, strong roots, and vibrant greenery.

Our Lawn Care Bundle also includes gypsum, which is a natural source of calcium and sulfur. Gypsum helps to improve soil structure and drainage, and it also helps to reduce soil acidity, which can be harmful to plants.

Another key ingredient in our bundle is Bio Phos, a premium-grade organic fertilizer that contains phosphorus, which is essential for healthy root development and flower formation. Bio Phos is also enriched with beneficial microorganisms that help to break down organic matter and release nutrients into the soil.

In addition to these essential ingredients, our bundle also includes Sulphate of Potash, which is a natural source of potassium. Potassium is vital for plant growth and helps to improve resistance to stress and disease. Finally, our Lawn Care Bundle is enriched with amino acids, which are essential building blocks of proteins and play a critical role in plant growth and development.

With Seacliff Organics' Lawn Care Bundle, you can achieve a lush, healthy lawn that's free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. Our products are all-natural, safe for the environment, and effective in promoting strong, healthy growth. Give your lawn the best care possible with Seacliff Organics' Lawn Care Bundle.


Total package weight is 9.6kgs This will cover roughly 75m2 of established lawn or 150m2 or 150m2 of new lawn

Use 1/4 cup per m2 for new lawns or 1/2 a cup per m2 for established lawns

Remove 600grams of sulphate of potash from the bag. Mix the rest together by  pouring back and forth between 2 buckets until evenly mixed. 

Apply every 6-8 weeks