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Granulated Gypsum

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Improve Your Soil Structure And Water Retention!

Gypsum is a naturally occurring mineral perfect for slow-release calcium and sulfur playing a key role in soil structure, aeration and water retention. Gypsum breaks down slowly releasing equal proportions of calcium and sulfur. 

Calcium is key to improving soil structure and consistency allowing optimum moisture penetration and retention. It is handy for breaking up clay soil making it easier to ploy or till. Gypsum also helps in removing excess sodium from your soil.

Granulated gypsum is in a granular form, instead of a fine powder. This makes it ideal for broadcasting application, and mitigates dust. 

Recommended Usage

  • For vegetables, use 0.5-1kg per square meter of soil. Dig in and water in.
  • For flowers, 0.5kg per square meter, mixed and watered into soil.