Fermented Comfrey Extract

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Fermented Comfrey Extract is a microbial powerhouse rich in potassium, calcium,  vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids, along with powerful enzyme.  Fermented Comfrey Extract is a fantastic way to boost your compost teas, as a soil drench or a foliar spray! 

Fermented Comfrey Extract is appropriate for use at any stage of growth from seedling to flowering.

Fermented Comfrey Extract supports the following: 

  • Calcium Uptake
  • Nutrient Cycling
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Cellular Development
  • Gene Expression
  • Photosynthetic Efficiency

Fermented Comfrey Extract is ready to use! 

Recommended Usage

Soil Drench:
  • 1:100- 1:500
Foliar Spray:
  • Dilute 1:500 ratio