Craft Bokashi  - Seacliff Organics Living Soil Amendments New Zealand

Craft Bokashi

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Nutrient Cycling, Increase Beneficial Bacteria And Fungi

Craft Bokashi is excellent to use in your garden and no-till beds to increase nutrient cycling, fertilise and grow beneficial bacteria and fungi. It is also great for composting. Take your bokashi to the next level and try some of this handcrafted product If you see fuzzy stuff on your soil after application, do not fret, these are the microbes in action! Simply add as much as you see fit, a few handfuls as a top dress works great.

Recommended Usage

Topdressing: We recommend scattering 1/2 cup per square meter of garden bed. 

Compost:  We recommend adding 1/2 a cup into the bottom of a composter before adding food scraps. Add a few tablespoons each time you add more food scraps to your bin, and add a bit more if your food scraps contain meat. 

Craft Bokashi Contains:

Organic wheat germ, unsulfured molasses, Seacliff Microbe Pro, Sea90, Acadian kelp meal, Karanja meal, Neem meal, Fish bone meal, Flax seed meal, Fish meal, Langbeinite, 2 row malted barley, Colloidal soft rock phosphate , Ultra paramagnetic Andesite, Gypsum, Oyster shell flower and Amino acids