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Calphos - Colloidal Soft Rock Phosphate (ACO Organic)

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Phosphate That Won't Leach

Not to be confused with rock phosphate, far more ethical than Guano

Soft rock phosphate is a bio-friendly, colloidal clay-based calcium phosphate that can never lock up, in stark contrast to all other phosphate sources. This exceptional fertiliser includes 8 – 9% phosphorus, 19.3% calcium, 26% silicon and a rich lode of trace elements. A microbe-friendly bio-phosphate, which is an integral part of our soil regeneration program. This is one of the few phosphate sources that does not have problems with high levels of the heavy metal cadmium.

Recommended Usage

Topdress with CalPhos and Gypsum along with Worm Castings to ensure the proper nutrients are available as you go into flowering.

Use at 1/4 Cup 30 litres of soil mix, top dress or put directly into transplant hole

1/4 Cup of Calphos = 75g