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Tropf Blumat - Blusoak Tape 4ftx4ft Economy Kit

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Total Irrigation Coverage!

The Blusoak Tape is part of Blumat's amazing irrigating solution. Blusoak Tape is a permeable hose that evenly distributes water through-out your garden.

To use Blusoak Tape simply zigzag around your plants on the surface of your soil, or bury it to reduce UV degradation. The Blusoak Tape is then connected to a Blumat sensing carrot that senses when the soil needs watering, the Blusoak Tape will start to "sweat" along it's entire length evenly.

Blusoak Tape will ensure every part of your garden's soil retains optimal moisture, reducing over and under watering all while conserving your water use.

Important Information

Blusoak Tape is to be used alongside Blumat Sensors. DON'T GUESS! Please watch this video before you buy to ensure you have all the right parts to get going.

Blusoak Tape Economy Kit comes with the following:
- 2 Distribution Drippers
- 2 Distribution Dripper Support Sticks
- 2 Blusoak Tape Fittings
- 16ft of Blusoak Tape
- 4 Metal U-Pins
- Setup Guide

You will need to buy some Blumat Sensors (either standard or maxi depending on your soil depth).

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