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Seacliff Organics - Living Soil Bed

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The Seacliff Organics Living Soil Bed is an amazing quality fabric soil bed which includes the PVC supports and joins. The PVC parts fit together perfectly leaving you with a taught fabric bed which holds its shape well even when its full of soil. The heavy duty industrial stitching around the joiners is extra reinforced, making this bed suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and more resistant to heavy wear and tear which comes along with larger volumes of soil. 

The fabric body is 4mm thick, thicker than any other brand we have seen before and is lined with an additional semi breathable mesh ensuring the sizes of the bed don't lose moisture too quickly.

These soil beds come in two sizes, 90cm x 90cm (fits perfectly in a 3ft x 3ft tent) which holds roughly 320L of soil and 120cm x 120cm (for a 4ft x 4ft tent) holding an impressive 575L. 

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