Root Pouch - Boxer Range - 56L / 378L

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Self-Pruning Root Pouch - Promotes New Root Growth, Increases Nutrient Uptake.

The Root Pouch Boxer range is the most durable of all the root pouches.
Investing in Boxer Brown Self Root Pruning Pouches is investing in the health and vitality of your plants. The Root Pouch helps develop stronger and healthier root systems by pruning roots via entrapment, with the pruning promoting vibrant new root growth/mass to increase nutrient uptake, and mitigating rootbinding and the many diseases associated with rootbound plants. This results in vigorous plant growth and bigger heavier yields.

NOTE: The Boxer range is non-degradable, and not the most suitable for in-ground planting. Try the Root Pouch Black Range or Root Pouch Grey Range for degradable in-ground pouches.

"Whether using Root Pouch's for in-ground or above ground growing, Root Pouch offers the most advanced root pruning technology available." - JCA - Industry Leading Arboriculture Consultants


  • Boxer Range = Heavyweight Fabric: 250 g/m2 PETE Fabric
  • Recommended Uses: Above Ground & Pot-n-Pot
  • Non-Degradable - Lasts Season After Season
  • Industrial Strength Stitching
  • Reinforced Handles
  • UV Resistant • BPA Free • Non Toxic
  • Made from 100% Recycled Water Bottles
  • Hand Wash or Gentle Cycle / Air dry

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