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Potassium Sulphate (Sulphate of Potash Biogro)

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Potassium Sulphate

Sulphate of Potash

Potassium Sulphate, also known as Sulphate of Potash, is virtually chloride-free, with a lower salt content than Potassium Chloride, helping to avoid the plant uptaking excess water. The Sulphur and potassium content is readily available for the plant in its sulfate form and mixes well with all other fertilizers widely used in the organic sector.

Excellent for fruiting and flowering plants.

This Potassium Sulphate is Biogro Organic Certified (sourced from balance biogro number 297)

Recommended Usage:

1 tsp Potash =8g, 1Tbsp Potash =22g, 1/4 cup Potash =78g, 1/3 cup Potash =120g, 1/2 cup Potash =180g, 1 cup Potash =360g

Seedlings and Transplanting

  • Prior to planting apply 50-75g (approx. 2 ½ - 3 ½ tablespoons) per square metre of garden.
  • Mix thoroughly into the soil.
  • Water in well after application.

Established plants

  • Apply 50g (approx. 2 ½ tablespoons) per plant, around the plant's dripline.
  • Lightly fork into the soil around the plant.
  • Water in well after application, taking care to wash any product off the plant foliage.