Grassroots Nutrifield Transplant-Inator - 3.8L

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Give Your Plants The Best Possible Start

The early stages are vital and transplanting can be nerve racking, so what better way to take care of your young plants than with the Grassroots Nutrifield Transplant-Inator - A fabric pot that provides excellent aeration, drainage, and air pruning for the young budding root system. But the best part? Two velcro seams enable you to carefully get at both sides of the root ball for super easy transplanting, reducing the chance of shock and damage to the vulnerable root system.

The other great benefit of the Grassroots Nutrifield Transplant-Inator is you can use one of the velcro seams to perform a visual check on your root ball for next level care of your crops.

-Chemically Stable & BPA-Free
-Military Grade Fabric

-Durable, Washable & Reusable
-USA Made Materials/Sewn In Mexico