Grassroots Nutrifield Raised Living Soil Bed

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A Mansion For Your Microbes

We all know that growing your plants in a living soil has profoundly positive effects on root production and efficiency, subsequent fruiting and flowering, and overall plant health. But in order to reap these rewards, your soil and its microscopic inhabitants need the right environment and the Grassroots Nutrifield Raised Living Soil Bed is the perfect home for your bacteria buddies, fungi friends and plant pals to thrive in.

The Grassroots Nutrifield Raised Living Soil Bed works in the same way as the Living Soil Pot, just on a bigger scale. It prevents water loss from the sides of the bed with the MoistureLock system - a waterproof membrane lining the inner sides of the bed, simulating natural ground conditions. This promotes more natural drainage by directing water down to the roots, preventing dry pockets and maintaining a more even and consistent soil moisture level which is exactly what you want when growing in living soils. Higher moisture retention also means less watering/labour and lower humidity indoors.

The Grassroots Raised Living Soil Bed has a 4" aeration strip that runs around the bottom of the bed to harness the fantastic benefits of air pruning, improved air circulation, and drainage. The bottom seam is sewn on the outside with marine-bonded thread to prevent rot.

Please note: The living soil beds are shipped with PVC corner fittings only. All you need now is 25mm PVC piping and some glue to complete the setup.
(4x85cm/115cm & 4x45cm lengths)

-Chemically Stable & BPA-Free
-Military Grade Fabric

-Durable, Washable & Reusable
-Made & Sewn In California

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