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NTS Fulvic Acid

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NTS Fulvic Acid


70 percent fulvic acid

Fulvic Acid is beneficial to plants and soils in a myriad of ways.

For the plant, it enhances photosynthesis with stress management properties while encouraging the production of nucleic acids. It also increases cation exchange and respiration.

For the soil, it is a powerful chelator which can lock up heavy metals as well as prevent NPK leeching and allows for better oxygen penetration.

Recommended Usage:

Fulvic acid can amplify the effects of other products. Nutrients, supplements and/or other application rates may need to be decreased by 10-30% when used with fulvic acid. Watch plants when first adding fulvic acid to your program or changing products. Fulvic acid contains no chemical extractants or nutrients, so any signs of burn or toxicity are from the magnification of other products. Reducing rates of other products will correct ill effects and save you money.

Foliar spray:

  • Mix 3-16tsp per 10L of water (9g – 48g)

Soil drench:

  • 1.5-8tsp per 10L of water (4.5g – 24g)