Trichoderma Harzianum - 10g Vial  - Seacliff Organics Living Soil Amendments New Zealand

Trichoderma harzianum spore concentrate (makes 100 litres)

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Synergistic Biostimulant And Biocontrol 

Trichoderma harzianum produces over 250 metabolic products including cell wall degrading enzymes, peptides, secondary metabolites and other proteins. Many of these compounds are bioactive and can affect the plant response to other microbes, by improving defence mechanisms, while stimulating plant growth and development, especially at the root level. Synergistic effects on biocontrol have been found in many combinations of diverse strains, metabolites, mixtures of bioactive compounds, originating from Trichoderma as well as other microbes or plants, which suggests a wealth of possibilities for developing a new generation of biostimulants

Our Trichoderma Harzianum is CFU:3.2x 10^10/g

Benefits of Trichoderma for plants include:

  • Mycoparasitism
  • Antibiosis
  • Competition with pathogens for nutrients or space
  • Tolerance to stress through enhanced root and plant development
  • Solubilization and sequestration of inorganic nutrients
  • Induced resistance
  • Inactivation of the pathogen’s enzymes

    Recommended Usage
    0.4 grams per 5L of water, shake until dissolved. 

    Mix one vial of this Trichoderma harzianum into 100L of water, and apply as a foliar spray or soil drench. The solution needs to be used within 24 hours.

    Trichoderma will out compete other fungi, do not use with Mycorizhal products, or if you intend to have a diverse Soil food web. 


    content = 6.6 grams