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Bacillis Subtilis - 10g Vial

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A True Bacterial Champion

Bacillus subtilis is one of the bacterial champions in the production of enzyme secretion. It is heavily flagellated (biological propeller), that’s highly mobile in liquids and soil (mainly found in the upper layers of soil) B. Subtilis can divide symmetrically (binary fission) or asymmetrically, by producing a single endospore that can remain viable for decades and is resistant to unfavorable conditions such as drought, salinity, extreme pH, temperature radiation, chemicals and solvents.

B. Subtilis has the ability to transfer DNA from similar bacterium from its surrounding medium under stressful conditions and can recombine it into its own chromosomes under a physiological state called competence.

Some secondary metabolites produced by bacillus subtilis are enzymes such as amylase and proteases and are known to work synergistically/symbiotically with a azotobacteria to lower levels of insoluble phosphates within soil by helping to release the phosphate bonds through complex biochemical processes. Bacillus subtilis is a common soil microbe that’s used also as a foliar spray due to the enzymatic production that acts as abroad spectrum antibody.

This Bacillis Subtilis is CFU:100 billion/g

        Recommended Usage

        One vial treats 100 liters or approximately 25 gallons of water as a foliar spray or as a soil drench, can be used in conjunction with Trichoderma to increase efficacy. Bacillus subtilis can also be mixed with 2000 milliliters of molasses 20 L of water in a 25 L glass carboy and solid state fermented to make a liquid concentrate.

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