There’s more to soil than meets the eye. Is your soil giving your plants what they need to grow up healthy and strong? We’re proud to stock a wide range of soil types and soil additives to lay the foundation for healthy, strong plants. 

Try our superior potting mix for a slow release of essential nutrients or our crushed Bluff oyster shells to increase soil pH. Not sure what you need? Contact our team to learn more about our high-quality soil products.

What does my soil need?

You can’t tell what soil needs just by looking at it. Perform a soil test to learn what your soil is lacking. You can then choose from a range of products to help, such as superior potting mix, crushed oyster shells, and perlite.

Why should you improve your soil health?

Plants stand a better chance of remaining healthy and producing desirable yields when they have all the nutrients they need. If you’re unsure what your soil needs, contact us for advice.