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Mycorrhizal Fungi (New Zealand Native)

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Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Roots

Mycorrhizal fungi help aggregate the soil, providing roots with better access to water and oxygen. Guaranteed to be at least 100propagules/ml.

The symbiotic relationship with plants helps them access nutrients and water, they grow like tiny roots burrowing into all corners of the soil collecting moisture and nutrients that may otherwise be out of reach for the plant. Mycorrhizal fungi are especially effective when used in sterile potting mediums, or bare soil

Mycorrhizal fungi are heat-sensitive, avoid exposure to excessive heat sources, as this may render the fungi inactive.

Ensure to inoculate, directly to the roots as early as possible in the plant's life cycle to ensure best results.

This mycorrhizal fungi contains the following strains:

  • Claroideoglomus lamellosum
  • Funneliformis mosseae
  • Scutellospora calospora

Recommended Usage

Mycorrhizal fungi powder is most effective when applied directly to the root zone during transplanting. It can be sprinkled onto roots during transplanting, worked into seed beds, blended into potting soil, applied as a root dip, or watered in using existing irrigation systems. 

When applied to the soil, it should be worked into the top 25-100mm of soil at a rate of 500/750g per 100m2

For potting soils, use 2.5-5% by volume.