Tropf Blumat - 2pc Extension Pack  - Seacliff Organics Living Soil Amendments New Zealand

Tropf Blumat - 2pc Extension Pack

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: Blumat

: Cultivation


Extend Your Irrigation Reach!

The Tropf Blumat 2 piece extension pack is an add-on for the Tropf Blumat Automatic Watering System. Giving you 2 extra "carrots", this allows for better or broader coverage in your grow, leaving nothing up to chance.

These little beauties are amazing, using old school technology that is still the top of it's game. Once you fine tune your Blumat kit, you'll experience the optimal moisture level for your plants to thrive.

Make sure you have enough feeder tubes, support sticks, and any other Blumat gear necessary to have peace of mind that your plants receive the perfect amount of moisture.

Combine the Blumat watering system with the root pouch and Seacliff Organics soil to get the best yields and the healthiest plants.

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