Pest Protection

It can sometimes seem like as soon as you get rid of one pesky insect, another turns up to start the party all over again. Enjoy superior pest protection courtesy of natural pest protection products from Seacliff Organics. 

Our expansive range of natural, sustainable controls is designed to be soil-healthy while still effectively giving pests their marching orders. Browse our range of pest protection products and contact us if you have further questions.

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What natural pest protection products are available?

We’re proud to stock a wide range of pest protection products, such as pure organic neem oil, neem seed meal, and products for fungus gnats and thrips, aphids, and dusky ladybirds. Can’t find what you need? Contact our expert team for advice.

Why choose natural over synthetic pest protection methods?

We believe that physical, environmental, and biological controls are the most effective and beneficial pest control measures. Your plants and soil stay healthy while only harmful insects are eradicated.