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Seacliff Organics Balanced Fertiliser Mix

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A Complete Dry Slow Release Fertiliser 

Seacliff Organics Balanced Fertiliser Mix is an all-in-one solution for living soils with a balanced cation ratio, simply topdress with compost (the ideal source of complete biology) and water in, let nature do the rest! The Seacliff Organics Balanced Fertiliser Mix helps to promote a healthy soil ecology and is full of nutrients and trace elements to balance your soil over time. We take the legwork out of soil balancing, by combining an expertly selected array of dry amendments in one mix. 

Using just the right ingredients in the right ratios all the way down to the trace minerals with no unnecessary additives ensures a clean product that will provide high-quality results.  

This blend was based on Steve Solomon's C.O.F fertiliser mix, to learn more read "The Intelligent Gardener"

For general garden use, apply use 6L per 10sqm of soil. This is best used mixed with compost and sratched into the surface / mulched on top for no-till, or dug through your soil with a small amount of compost.

For performance potting soil, mix at 3.5 percent into your medium.

Seacliff Organics Balanced Fertiliser Mix Contains: 

Ag lime, gypsum, Soft rock phosphate, flax seed meal, karanja meal, neem meal, fish meal, malted barely, Acadian Kelp, Zelp, paramagnetic Andesite rock dust, Basalt rock dust,  potassium sulfate,  Biomin copper, Biomin zinc, Biomin boron, Biomin manganese + Humic acid