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Oat Husks (Oat Hulls)

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Looking For A Sustainable Alternative To Perlite?

Oat Husks are a great alternative to perlite, allowing for good aeration of your soil. Unlike perlite, oat husks aren't mined lowering the environmental impact of your growing media, reducing dust when mixing, and all without sacrificing any plant quality. Oat Husks decompose over time, however remain stable for the entire plants life cycle.

Having adequately aerated soil while maintaining optimal water drainage/retention means you can grow "drier", reducing the chances of harmful diseases, pests, and fertiliser leaching. For optimal aeration you want to add around 30% oat husks to your media, if you are looking for long term no-till a 50/50 pumice oat husk mix is recommended.

Recommended Usage

Use 10-50% husks in your soil mix as required. Oat husk will break down over time and need to be reapplied each season for best aeration and moisture regulation. 

Oat Husks are also a great mulch substitute and do a great job to keep your top layer of soil moist.