Bioforce - Tasman Lacewing for Aphid Control

Bioforce - Tasman Lacewing for Aphid Control

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Tasman Lacewing for Aphid Control

Tasman Lacewings are a small, predatory insect that predates green peach aphid (Myzus persicae), melon aphid (Aphis gossypii) and many other aphid species.

Tasman Lacewings are a small predatory insect that predates on a large variety of prey including aphids, citrus whitefly and psyllids.

Tasman Lacewings are known to be useful in indoor and outdoor crops such as, capsicum, cucumber, citrus, and other ornamentals as part of an integrated pest management programme.


1-5 Tasman Lacewings eggs per m2 as a moderate CURATIVE measure, over several weeks as aphids are found in the crop. Heavier infestations of aphids can benefit from the simultaneous release of Aphidius, or may require initial chemical intervention.

Tasman Lacewings need the following handling and treatment:

  • On arrival, release Tasman Lacewings into the crop as soon as possible
  • Do not expose Tasman Lacewings to direct sunlight

Release Tasman Lacewings near an aphid ‘hot spot’, and then evenly distribute the eggs throughout the area requiring treatment.

Post Release:

Before introducing Tasman Lacewings into your crop please check residual chemical affects and ensure you know chemical compatibilities of products that may be applied.

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