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Bioforce - nematop® for Black Vine Weevil and Grass Grub Control

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nematop® for Black Vine Weevil and Grass Grub Control

nematop® contains beneficial nematodes for controlling black vine weevils and grass grubs in the soil or media.

nematop® is useful in orchards, nurseries, parks, golf courses, gardens, fields and other areas as part of an integrated pest management programme.

nematop® contains infective juveniles of a threadworm that parasitises a large variety of insect prey, including black vine weevils (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) and grass grubs. 100% safe to humans and pets. 100% safe to humans and pets!

nematop® contains "infective juveniles", the hunting stage of the nematodes life.

The infective juveniles of nematop® actively seek out suitable prey. Once found, they crawl inside the body of their prey through breathing spiracles or other orifices, release a beneficial bacteria to break the pests internal organs down and feeds on the bacterial slurry. The nematodes then breed in the cadaver, which eventually breaks apart releasing more nematodes into the growing media.


The nematodes are most infective when the growing media temperature are between 10 to 25°C. The efficiency of the nematodes may decrease at higher or lower temperatures.

The growing media should be moist but not wet. Nematodes cannot swim and are unable to move in water-saturated media.

  • 50 million nematodes treats 100 m2 of soil/media
  • Or 10,000 nematodes per litre of potting mix
  • Or 15,000 nematodes per litre of substrates containing a high composted green waste or perlite content

Apply to the soil surrounding plants in Spring and Autumn to control the grub stages of the black vine weevil. Applications in the evening protect the nematodes from UV light and desiccation, allowing them time to crawl into the soil for protection.

The media should be moist but not sodden. Nematodes cannot swim and cannot move effectively in water-saturated potting mix.

Please seek the assistance of a crop scout or phone or email us directly for guidance. The advice above is indicative only, and more specific advice may be beneficial.

The nematodes are infective when the media temperature ranges from 12 to 25°C. At higher and lower temperatures, nematode efficacy decreases.

  • nematop® should be used as soon as possible upon delivery.
  • The package may be stored for several weeks at 4 to 10°C (see best before date on package).
  • DO NOT FREEZE or exposed to more than 30°C.
  • Nematodes can be applied with watering cans or through more commercial methods
  • Normal spraying equipment can be used as well as drip-irrigation or a dosatron
  • If possible skip irrigation once before the treatment to avoid compost to becoming too wet.

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