Bioforce - Hyper-Mite™ for Fungus Gnat Control

Bioforce - Hyper-Mite™ for Fungus Gnat Control

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Hyper-Mite™ for Fungus Gnat Control

Comtable with Beauveria bassiana

Hyper-Mite™ is a soil-dwelling predatory mite that feeds on fungus gnats (mycetophilids, sciarid flies) and other insects, mites and nematodes in soil and growing media.

Hyper-Mite™ is a small pale brown, highly mobile mite with a lot of energy! Adult mites are 0.5-1.0 mm long and are commonly found in the top few centimetres of soil or compost.

Females lay their eggs near the soil surface, and these hatch into six-legged larvae. There are two further nymph stages and a life cycle can be completed in 10 days at 25 °C, but can vary from 7-30 days depending on temperature.

Below 12 °C, Hyper-Mite™ becomes inactive, and development stops when temperatures fall below 8 °C. The species does not hibernate (diapause) and is able to survive for 6-8 weeks without prey by feeding on decaying organic matter.

Hyper-Mite™ uses its saw-like mouth parts to puncture and slice prey tissue which is then sucked up leaving a shrivelled prey body. They prefer feeding on younger fungus gnat larvae, and adults can consume 1-5 prey per day. Both adult and immature Hyper-Mite™ are predatory.

Hyper-Mite™ is also a predator of thrips pupae in the soil, however, alone they do not provide sufficient control of thrips.

Hyper-Mite™ is not considered harmful to humans or animals, and no environmental effects are expected.

Hyper-Mite™ survives well in most greenhouse conditions and is not harmed by regular watering, although flooded or waterlogged areas are not tolerated. Optimum conditions for development are 20-30 °C, and soil temperatures above 30 °C are harmful.

Hyper-Mite™ will survive in most potting mixes, rockwool and perlite.

Application Rate:

Greenhouse crops: Low pest pressure: 100 predators per metre squared 1 litre per 100 square metres, or,
1 litre per cubic metre growing media
  Higher pest pressure: 200 - 1000 predators per metre squared 1 litre per 10 - 50 square metres
Outdoor crops: Use 20 litres per hectare    
Repeated applications may be needed for heavy pest infestations.


Hyper-Mite™ need the following handling and treatment:

  • On arrival, release Hyper-Mite™ as soon as possible
  • Hyper-Mite
  • ™ can be stored for a maximum of 2 days at 10-15 °C
  • Hyper-Mite
  • ™ should be sprinkled around the base of the infested plant, incorporated into the growing media before potting-up plants, or placed in a small pile on the rockwool or coir block.

Post Release:

Hyper-Mite™ may take 2-3 weeks to exert an effect on pest populations. Hyper-Mite™ can be hard to find in soil or growing media, therefore monitor pest numbers to determine the need for further releases.

Re-application of Hyper-Mite™ is recommended to ‘hot spots’ should some pests remain.

Before introducing Hyper-Mite™ into your crop please check residual chemical affects and ensure you know chemical compatibilities of products that may be applied.

Important Information

This product is drop-shipped by the manufacturer to ensure the highest biological quality. Please contact if you have any further queries