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Bioforce - Enforce™ for Whitefly Control

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Enforce™ for Whitefly Control

Enforce™ is a tiny, 100% safe parasitic wasp that specializes in parasitizing whitefly, specifically greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum), although it will attack other whitefly species.

Enforce™ is supplied as black parasitized greenhouse whitefly nymphs or black ‘scale’ on cardboard tags, and the adult wasp emerges from this ‘scale’.

Enforce™ tags are sent via fast-post or courier (at the customer’s request).

100 viable Enforce wasps will emerge from each tag


Enforce™ works best at temperatures of 20-28 °C, below 18 ° C the wasp's activity decreases, and temperatures above 38 °C are lethal. A wasp life cycle will take between 10 and 30 days, depending on temperature.

Wasps per metre squared:      
Infestation Cucumbers Ornamentals Tomatoes Vegetables
Preventative 2-6 1-3 1-3 1-3
Light 6-12 3-6 3-6 3-6
Heavy 12+ 9+ 9+ 9+

Enforce™ should ideally be introduced to the crop when greenhouse whitefly populations are low as a preventative.
It is recommended that Enforce™ is introduced regularly when whiteflies are present, initially at a minimum of every 2 weeks over at least an 8 week period.
Monitor your plants once a week, and after four weeks black ‘scale’ should be present. When 80% of the ‘scale’ is black, the release rate can be re-evaluated.
Tags can be concentrated in greenhouse whitefly ‘hotspots’ within your crop. Enforce™ adults are able to fly about 20 metres and disperse readily.
Higher release rates may be required during the winter when temperatures are lower and control is more difficult.

Release & Storage Information:

Enforce™ tags need the following handling and treatment:

  • Do not touch the black ‘scale’ on the tags
  • Do not expose the tags to direct sunlight
  • Hang the tags immediately within the crop,
  • If the tags must be stored, store them in darkness at 10-15 ° C.
  • Do not store the tags for more than 2 days
  • Tags come in strips of up to 10; tags should be separated and hung individually
  • Hang tags one metre below heads of crop, so the wasps work upwards
  • Hang tags in shade
  • Ensure tags are hung in different places each week
  • Tags should be distributed evenly through the crop
  • Leave tags in crop for at least 14 days

Post Release:

Enforce™ adults will begin to emerge from the black ‘scale’ on the tags within 2-6 days at 20 ° C. The black case will stay attached to the tags. A small hole should be visible with a hand lens once the adult has emerged.

After three weeks it is safe to assume all Enforce wasps have hatched, so the tags may be removed if desired.
Within four weeks of release, black ‘scale’ should be present within your crop, on the lower leaves of your plants. Adult wasps should emerge within 2-3 weeks.
Before introducing Enforce into your crop, please check residual chemical effects and ensure you know chemical compatibilities and products that may be applied.
Before introducing Enforce™ into your crop, please check residual chemical effects and ensure you know chemical compatibilities and products that may be applied.

Important Shipping Information:

This product is drop-shipped by the manufacturer to ensure you receive the highest quality biological product and is therefore not available for local pick up.

Due to the recent huge demand for biological control, there is currently a backlog of orders with Bioforce and a delay with them shipping your order at this peak time.

Please contact if you have any further queries.