Bioforce - Cryptolaemus Ladybird for Mealybug Control

Bioforce - Cryptolaemus Ladybird for Mealybug Control

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Cryptolaemus Ladybird for Mealybug Control

Cryptolaemus ladybird for mealybug and soft scale control.

The Cryptolaemus Ladybird is a predatory ladybird of about 6mm in length, commonly recognised with the black body and red head.

Adults and larvae are mealybug and scale predators, feeding on all of the pest life stages.

The Cryptolaemus Ladybird undergoes an egg and larval stages before pupating and emerging as an adult. Development time from egg to adult takes around 40 days at 25⁰C, and longer at lower temperatures. Adults live for approximately 50 days and in this time lay up to 400 eggs.


  • Open tube to release Cryptolaemus in areas with high mealybug or pest numbers.
  • Store in a cool place if need be, out of direct sunlight. Preferably between 8 and 15 degrees

Post Release:

Cryptolaemus will start predating mealybugs immediately on release.

Before introducing Cryptolaemus into your crop please check residual chemical affects and ensure you know chemical compatibilities of products that may be applied.

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