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Bioforce - Bioforce Release Box (BRB)

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Bioforce Release Box (BRB)

Bioforce Release Box (BRB, 10 pieces per packet) to aid deployment of beneficial insects and mites.

Bioforce Release Boxes (BRBs) are for deploying beneficial organisms without over-the-top applications. Ideal for flowering crops and plants with leaves which cannot easily support the carrier material. Hang boxes low inside the canopy like a sachet for best results.

The advantage to using a BRB over just broadcasting over the top of the crop is that the BRB can be below the canopy, decreasing the environmental exposure to sunlight or rain the organisms would have otherwise undergone on the leaf surface. You do not lose predator eggs and chosen carriers that could be blown or brushed down to the soil surface.

One packet contains 10 release boxes

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      This product is drop-shipped by the manufacturer to ensure you receive the highest quality biological product and is therefore not available for local pick up.

      Due to the recent huge demand for biological control, there is currently a backlog of orders with Bioforce and a delay with them shipping your order at this peak time.

      Please contact if you have any further queries.