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Bioforce - Aphidius for Aphid Control (Drop-Shipped - There may be delays)

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Important shipping information & potential delays:
This product is drop-shipped by the manufacturer Bioforce to ensure your living organisms are received in the best possible condition, but PLEASE NOTE: You will likely experience delays in receiving your products. See below product description for more details.

Aphidius for Aphid Control

Aphidius is a small, 100% safe parasitic wasp that specialises in parasitising green peach aphid (Myzus persicae), melon aphid (Aphis gossypii) and many other aphid species.

Aphidius is known to be useful in indoor and outdoor crops such as, capsicum, cucumber, tomato, chrysanthemum and other ornamentals as part of an integrated pest management programme.

Aphidius is dispatched as “mummies" packed in a Petri dish or vial


0.2 Aphidius mummies per m2 as a PREVENTATIVE measure, preferably weekly
1-5 Aphidius mummies per m2 as a light to moderate CURATIVE measure, over several weeks

Heavier infestations of aphids can benefit from the simultaneous release of ladybird beetles and/or Orius , or may require initial chemical intervention (contact Bioforce to discuss). Because aphids breed very quickly, it is recommended that Aphidius is released at the first sign of aphid appearance. Aphidius can be hampered in summer from the presence of hyperparasites.

Aphidius is best suited to temperatures between 18°C and 30°C, and sustained temperatures over 30°C may reduce the effectiveness of this parasite.

Aphidius need the following handling and treatment:

  • On arrival, release Aphidius into the crop as soon as possible
  • Do not expose Aphidius to direct sunlight
  • Open the Petri dish or vial only once you are in the area in which Aphidius are to be released
  • Release Aphidius near an aphid ‘hot spot’, and then evenly distribute the mummies throughout the area requiring treatment

    Post Release:

    Aphidius will start parasitising aphids immediately on release, although you will not be able to confirm this until the parasitised aphid starts turning golden after 7 days (at 26°C) or longer if the average temperature is lower.

    Before introducing Aphidius into your crop please check residual chemical affects and ensure you know chemical compatibilities of products that may be applied.

    Important Shipping Information & Delays:

    This product is drop-shipped by the manufacturer to ensure you receive the highest quality biological agents in the best possible condition and is therefore not available for local pick up.

    Also, due to huge demand for biological control throughout the peak seasons, there is currently a back log of orders and there will most likely be a delay in the Bioforce team shipping your order around these peak times, so PLEASE NOTE: Bioforce orders could be delayed for 2 weeks or more.

    Please contact if you have any further queries.